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Welcome to Supremo: Short-form Video Contests

Post videos and get votes- the video with the most votes WINS.

We're heard your feedback and have started work on a new Supremo for iOS app! With that in mind, we're going to pause the contests until the app is ready... Stay tuned!

Results for the contest that ended Sunday, May 5th:

Total Prize: $125*
Votes: 41
Posts: 11

DOUBLE Congratulations to Jelly123

We've got a repeat winner! Jelly123 burned past the comp to grab their SECOND $100 Amazon gift card in the contest that ended Sunday May 5th.

We'd also like to congratulate Miu.v3, winner of last week's $25 Community Bonus! Another example of how anyone can win on Supremo just for participating.

You can track all the winnners on the leaderboard.

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