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su·​pre·​mo | \ sə-ˈprē-(ˌ)mō

Definition of supremo: one who is highest in rank or authority. see also: super fun video contest website.

What is it?

Supremo is a new short-form video contest site to highlight and reward great videos submitted by creators/fans everywhere.

How does it work?

Everyone can post videos from Instagram and TikTok, and vote on them. On Supremo every real person gets one account- we use advanced face ID technology to prevent cheaters and bots.

How to win

The video with the most votes wins the cash prize. In the future we will have bigger and more diverse prizes.

How is the winner paid?

The winner is paid via PayPal, unless otherwise indicated.

Will you have more contests?

We plan on having contests on a regular basis, so keep checking the front page and also subscribe to our notifications.

Support Supremo

Supremo is supported by ad revenue that we use for the prizes and to build out more fun ways for you to earn money. You can support us and our user community by doing things like voting for Supremo on Product Hunt and/or taking a sponsored survey.